Dear Friends of NYC Leadership Academy,

With Thanksgiving behind us, we are truly in the holiday season! (Even though retailers would like us to think that the holiday shopping season began sometime before Halloween.)  It’s the time of year when so many of our thoughts turn to celebrating with friends and family, and most importantly, being together.  Here at NYCLA, that reminds us of the unsung heroes who lead our public schools: the principals who dedicate their careers to leading schools where students are given every opportunity to succeed.  We are committed to building a community of continuous learning, through professional support and collaborative teamwork for school leaders and districts nationwide.  One of our New York City graduates told us recently, “You don’t learn in isolation.  Learning happens in a community.” We know that what she says is true for both students and adults in our nation’s schools.

Turning around our most challenged schools and building a school culture where teachers and, most importantly, students can succeed is not a one-person job—and YOU are a vital part of the NYCLA community helping to support these efforts.

If you haven’t already heard, today is Giving Tuesday; a campaign to create a national day of giving at the start of the holiday season and a time to celebrate generosity and philanthropy.  It is an opportunity to support your favorite nonprofit organizations, and we hope that NYC Leadership Academy is at the top of your list.

Please consider making a special end-of-year gift so that we can continue to transform educational leadership in the United States. Your generous contribution will help us offer more specialized coaching support that addresses the specific challenges of individual leaders and their schools, and allow us to build new programs and opportunities for school leaders to come together and draw on each other for expertise, problem-solving and support.


Thank you in advance for your contribution, and for your continued support of our work.


Irma Zardoya

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