The newly launched Wisconsin Urban Leadership Institute (WULI), a partnership between the NYC Leadership Academy and the five largest school districts in Wisconsin, was featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The participating districts — Green Bay, Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee, and Racine — together serve one-third of the state’s low-income students, nearly half of English language learners, and two-fifths of the state’s homeless students.

In the article, the reporter observes Leadership Academy Chief Access and Equity Officer Mary Rice-Boothe advising principals on some of the uncomfortable exchanges they should expect as part of their work in WULI: “We’ll do a lot of individual work here. What are my individual personal biases? How does that play into my work and interactions with students and families? But also, how does that lend itself to the institutional and structural pieces that are happening within our school districts?”

Read the full article, complete with interviews with school and district staff, here.