The NYC Leadership Academy will facilitate a symposium on the research and practice behind effectively coaching principals to lead teams at the national American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference in New York City on Tuesday, April 17. With 25,000 members, AERA is the country’s leading education research association.

Research has found that collective leadership, when organized and managed effectively, has a greater impact on student outcomes than any one individual can. “Principals need particular skills to lead effective teams, and those skills are not necessarily intuitive, but with good coaching, they can be learned,” said NYC Leadership Academy President & CEO Irma Zardoya.

The session will feature:

  • Discussant Elizabeth City, director of Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Doctor of Education Leadership Program and founding Executive Director of HGSE and MIT’s Reach Every Reader initiative.
  • Leadership Academy Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Nancy Gutiérrez, providing an overview of the research on what principals need to know and be able to do to lead effective teams, and what coaches need to know and be able to do to support principals in building those skills, as highlighted in her paper, Power in Numbers: Coaching principals to build teams that transform schools
  • Leadership coach and facilitator Dr. Gregory Tewksbury, detailing how he and a team of coaches worked with school leaders in New York City to use a diagnostic tool to assess schools’ teaming cultures. This tool has been found to be an integral part of successful principal entry into a school, enabling them to examine school context in greater depth.
  • Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Community School District Deputy Superintendent Mary Ellen Maske, sharing her district’s experience as part of a statewide effort to develop school leadership teams as a means for improving schools. The district identified principals to work with a coach to develop their leadership teams to move the school improvement plan forward.

NYC Leadership Academy Associate Vice President of Research, Evaluation & Impact Dr. Katie Drucker will moderate.

The session will take place at 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday, April 17, in the Park Central Hotel, 870 7th Avenue, New York, NY, Mezzanine Level, Times Square room.


About NYC Leadership Academy

NYC Leadership Academy is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that builds the capacity of educational leaders, at every level of the system, to confront inequities and create the conditions necessary for all students to thrive. Since 2003, NYCLA has worked with educators in 180 school systems across 32 states, Washington, D.C., and internationally.

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