The NYC Leadership Academy has launched a new blog on school leadership and creating equitable learning environments for all students. Called Leadership Insights, the blog offers observations, wonderings, and tools from our staff of school and district leadership experts, and other experts in the field. Full of insights into how we think, talk about, and conduct our leadershipwork with an equity lens, our posts will be conversation starters or calls to action, and offer tools readers can use in their own schools or districts.

NYCLA President & CEO Irma Zardoya reflects, “A critical part of helping principals and their supervisors become great leaders is offering guidance on how to take on the tremendous work of dismantling the opportunity gaps that plague our schools.”

In our inaugural blog post, “Making Every Child Visible,” Irma describes her own experience as the only Puerto Rican girl in her high school class, and takes readers through her journey as an educational leader determined to ensure that all children feel proud of who they are and are confident in their ability to learn and excel.

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