Education leaders are superheroes. Whether leading a school or an entire school system, they hold the power to change the lives of young people. But leaders cannot do this work in isolation.

For Giving Tuesday, Dec. 3, give the gift of learning and growth to an education leader. Give to the NYC Leadership Academy. 

I am continuously humbled and amazed at the things I have seen happen for young people thanks to the hard work of the leaders we support. Black and Latinx students and students with disabilities in Manhattan have exponentially increased their academic achievements under the leadership of our alum Marisol Rosales, NYC Department of Education Manhattan Executive Superintendent. She created a process for ongoing school improvement that includes the voices of young men of color, giving them seats at the table with decision-makers 

Thanks to the leadership of award-winning Principal Yanaiza Gallant, a NYC Leadership Academy alum, students at Orlo Avenue Elementary School in East Providence, RI, are rising to higher expectations and excelling. In five years, Yanaiza inspired her team and the community in ways that transformed the school from one of the lowest performing in Rhode Island to a state-wide model. 

It takes ongoing learning and support for leaders to dismantle inequities and create transformative and sustainable change. For 17 years, the NYC Leadership Academy has provided that crucial support and guidance to thousands of leaders, helping expand student access to exceptional learning opportunities. 

With your generosity, our young people will thrive.  

Support a leader.