The Wallace Foundation has awarded the NYC Leadership Academy a two-year, $250K grant to create and support a professional learning community among the six, urban school districts the Foundation has selected to participate in its new “Principal Pipeline” initiative, which will enable the districts to increase their corps of effective school principals and determine whether this pipeline development impacts student achievement, particularly in high-need schools. The six districts include Charlotte-Mecklenburg in North Carolina; Denver; Gwinnett County in Georgia; Hillsborough County, Florida; New York City; and Prince George’s County in Maryland.

Working collaboratively with the Foundation, the Leadership Academy will develop a robust learning community that offers ongoing opportunities for grant recipients to exchange ideas and strategies, share and address common challenges and engage program evaluators and other experts problems through regular in-person and on-line convenings. “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to partner with the Wallace Foundation, the selected districts, the project’s evaluators and other partners to create and manage a true professional learning community that helps the districts address the complexities of developing and implementing effective principal pipelines,” said Irma Zarodya, the Leadership Academy’s President and CEO.

To learn more, click here for the Wallace Foundation’s recent press release