Recognizing the need to develop their principal pipeline, three more districts are working with NYCLA to start their own aspiring principal programs. NYCLA’s nationally-recognized Aspiring Principals Program has served as the basis for more than 20 school leader development efforts for school districts and their partners.

In Rochester City School District and Yonkers Public Schools, both in New York State, NYCLA principal preparation specialists are building the capacity of district leaders to design and deliver the essential components of our model: a rigorous recruitment and selection process; a multi-week summer intensive in which participants practice leading a simulation school; and a yearlong residency under the guidance of an experienced mentor principal. This work is made possible through generous funding provided by American Express in partnership with the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

Anticipating a rise in principal vacancies over the next five years due to retirements, promotions and population growth, Lexington One School District in South Carolina is collaborating with NYCLA to develop a robust principal preparation program. “We realized that we could not hope that these leaders would fall from the sky,” said Superintendent Greg Little. “We wanted to be intentional in our approach and that became our rallying cry for creating our leadership pipeline.”

After doing some research on development programs and Lexington’s own needs, Little said, the district realized they needed a development program that was more complex than the series of standalone workshops they had initially considered in order to transform schools. Little has already seen positive results. “While we are still in the beginning stages, the impact of our work is already stretching well beyond an Aspiring Principals Academy,” Little said. “We are rethinking how we hire assistant principals, redefining what interviews should look like, and re-conceptualizing how to develop teacher leadership. I am so excited for what the future holds.”

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