As students across the country continue to attend many of their classes online, it is critical for educators and leaders to examine and understand the differentiated impact of virtual education on their students. The Leadership Academy’s Culturally Responsive Remote Learning Observation Guide is a unique classroom “walkthrough” and observation tool for the online classroom.

The guide is built around The Leadership Academy’s eight core research-based actions of a culturally responsive leader that have been found to create conditions for learning and success for all students, particularly students who have been minoritized. Our guiding questions and sample indicators of what successful practice can look like for different aspects of classroom instruction support leaders in considering how they will create the conditions for themselves, and their team, to learn from and reflect on the walkthrough experiences.

The Observation Guide recognizes that communities, families, students and school personnel have had to make swift transitions to remote learning environments amidst a racial awakening and global pandemic, and that these circumstances require everyone to create, maintain and sustain an environment for students that is healing and supportive while maintaining challenging and engaging learning opportunities.

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