Equity officers are critical for ensuring equity is infused into every conversation, every decision, and every policy and practice across the school system. When well-positioned, supported, and resourced, an equity officer is uniquely qualified to partner with multiple levels of a school system to dismantle inequities and create new systems that will support every student and staff member.

However, the work of an equity officer is complex, and can be exceptionally challenging and isolating. To help meet these challenges and create a sustainable community of practice that centers the needs of equity officers, The Leadership Academy launched the Equity Officer Collective (EOC) in February 2022. Throughout the year, participants came together to delve into problems of practice, share personal experiences, and pool their collective expertise to build a suite of open-source guidance connected to their roles.

The Leadership Academy is thrilled to share the outcome of the EOC’s first year together with two brand-new resources created by and for equity officers.

Empowering Equity Officers: Overcoming Pushback and Setbacks gives voice to the tools and strategies used by sitting equity officers in confronting pushback from internal and external forces. This new resource offers guidance around three core questions related to the role and includes prompts, guiding reflections, and real-time anecdotes from sitting equity officers with tips for navigating the various challenges of the work.

While this tool was created specifically for equity officers, it can also be leveraged by any leader focused on creating more equitable schools and systems.  To learn more about the EOC, here’s a short video from our recent in-person convening hosted by Atlanta Public Schools.

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Click here to learn more about our other new resource for equity officers, The Equity Officer: A Roadmap for the First few Years.