The Simulated School is a proven, flexible resource that provides the content for a year-long professional learning program for aspiring, new, and veteran principals. The school leadership experience is brought to life through role plays and activities like analyzing data and artifacts found in a typical school. Participants are asked to use this information to make decisions with the goal of advancing school improvement priorities.

The components of the Simulated School, accessed through a mock school website supported by the Leadership Academy, include:

  • 10 assignments that reflect real-life in-school challenges and are intended to develop specific competencies based on school leadership standards
  • The school and district context and history
  • School and student data
  • Staff profiles
  • Operational resources like budgets, schedules, and floor plans
  • Video of classroom instruction for users to observe and give feedback on
  • A facilitation guide with readings, sample activities, and debrief questions to support the delivery of the Simulated School experience

The one-time license fee for The Simulated School is $6,000 and the annual maintenance fee is $750.