“What are the most important lessons you think school district leaders should learn from the COVID pandemic?”

This is the question posed by Education Week in their new three-part series focused on lessons learned during COVID-19, with commentary from several education leaders including The Leadership Academy’s own Executive Director of Curriculum Development & Equity Dr. Mary Rice-Boothe.

“As some district leaders scramble to ‘return to normal,’ there are valuable lessons learned as the COVID pandemic completely changed how we do school and cemented for many, especially those who have been minoritized by the education system, that ‘normal’ never worked,” writes Dr. Rice-Boothe. She explores three important lessons that district leaders should focus on from the past few years, highlighting family involvement, flexibility, and social-emotional learning as key take-aways.

“There are glimmers of hope that districts have learned these lessons. However, the challenge to stay nimble continues to be a test for districts,” writes Rice-Boothe.

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