We support leaders within the context of their communities and take a systemic approach to addressing local leadership needs.

To consistently provide each student access to the learning opportunities they need to excel, schools need strong leaders. With our research-based methods, we support school and district leaders in using an equity lens to implement a vision, build strong school and district culture, set clear and high expectations, and develop and lead principals and teachers who ensure high-quality instruction and the opportunity for all students to be successful.

We offer hands-on, job-embedded learning experiences and deep group instruction to maximize development, and guide leaders through hard conversations on race and bias, developing their ability to lead their own staff in the work required to address inequities.

School leadership

We develop aspiring principals, build school system capacity to develop principal pipelines, and help principals lead effective teams.

Great school systems need a bench of great school leaders. We model our work with aspiring and sitting principals on what research and experience have taught us: School leaders can best improve and transform schools when they have learned through guided, hands-on experiences. We have supported thousands of leaders in some of the country’s most challenging schools. They are staying on the job longer, improving student learning, and transforming schools.

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District Leadership

We partner with school boards, district leaders, and principals’ supervisors to develop the skills and knowledge they need to ensure equitable learning opportunities.

District leaders are responsible for setting expectations and policies, holding school leaders accountable, and bringing together stakeholders who determine whether every child has access to opportunities they need to thrive.

We help school boards understand their role in implementing policy; develop aspiring superintendents; help principals’ supervisors better support principals; and guide district leaders in developing innovative approaches to leading for equity.

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Leadership Coaching

Targeted one-on-one coaching is an integral part of any sound human capital strategy aimed at transforming schools. We support leaders in making lasting change.

Working with leaders from aspiring principals to superintendents and their teams, our coaches push leaders to reflect on their behaviors and see that they can make changes to maximize their impact and develop practices to sustain those changes.

Our coaches, many of them former principals and superintendents, follow our research-based coaching model to provide direct coaching, develop coaching skills, and help states and districts create their own coaching programs.

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We offer learning opportunities for educational leaders at every level of the system to strengthen their practice in service of students.

Leaders get the most out of professional learning when it meets their individual needs and goals as well as those of their schools or districts. That’s why we offer a variety of workshops and programs.

For some, our sessions provide a starting point for further development; for others, our workshops and programs help update or offer a deeper dive into skills the leader has been working on. Unless otherwise noted, our sessions are held in our bright and airy New York City offices.

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Resources & Tools

Our portfolio of tools grew out of our research and experience in the field and supports leaders in their development by providing hands-on resources for leaders of all levels to use on their own, with a coach, or with their teams.

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