“To all education leaders—but specifically to leaders of color—who are hesitant to take a stand when they see injustice experienced by students, know that any action, no matter how small, can make a meaningful difference,” writes The Leadership Academy Executive Director of Curriculum Development & Equity Dr. Mary Rice-Boothe in Taking a Stand as a Leader of Color, her new article published on ASCD.

In the piece, Dr. Rice-Boothe discusses her new book, Leading Within Systems of Inequity in Education: A Liberation Guide for Leaders of Color, and highlights strategies and take-aways from her interviews with over 30 equity directors and principals of color. She draws on the successes of these leaders, outlining ten competencies that leaders of colors can embody to not just survive in their school systems, but thrive.

“Advocating for change doesn’t mean we have to engage in job-compromising grand gestures. Individual strategies only move individuals; collective strategies move systems,” writes Rice-Boothe.

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