The Leadership Academy’s Lead Executive Officer Nancy Gutiérrez is the newest member of the Governing Board for Eye to Eye, a nationally recognized nonprofit whose mission is to improve the educational experience and outcomes of neurodiverse students.

Said Gutiérrez, “Equity intersects with neurodiversity, and The Leadership Academy’s mission of helping educational leaders to disrupt systemic inequities and create the conditions for all students to thrive includes those students who learn differently. Eye to Eye works to dismantle the societal barriers that can be roadblocks for neurodiverse learners, and one of the things that makes me feel so connected to their cause is their awareness that a key component to achieving equity is to provide resources and support to educators. I’m inspired by their work and excited to be joining their board.”

Focused on student-centered solutions to support the one in five children who learn differently, Eye to Eye helps empower students and their teachers in developing robust social and emotional skills, creating supporting environments, and cultivating advocacy and leadership skills to provide a path out of stigma and self-doubt. In its 25 year-history, the organization has served more than 12,000 students with dyslexia and many other learning differences and supported more than 100,000 educators in improving school environments.