“If we want to hold equity officers accountable for their work, we must be clear about expectations for the role and provide the support they need to succeed,” write The Leadership Academy’s Executive Director, Curriculum Development & Equity Dr. Mary Rice-Boothe and The Education Trust’s Dr. Tanji Reed Marshall in their new Kappan article, Defining, Measuring, and Supporting the Success of Equity Officers.

In the article, Rice-Boothe and Reed Marshall offer historical context on the evolution of the Equity Director role within school districts, outlining the numerous challenges experienced by Equity Directors in their work. They suggest shifting and expanding how we think about the role, offering specific practices around creating roadmaps, measuring success, and establishing a system of support.

“With clear goals, targeted ways to measure success, and sufficient support, equity officers undoubtedly will push forward the work of school systems, ensuring students have every opportunity to enter the more perfect union we strive to become,” Rice-Boothe and Reed Marshall write.

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