Lead Executive Officer & President Nancy Gutiérrez is a featured guest on a new episode of A608 After Hours, a podcast produced by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The podcast “aims to bring voices from the field into the classroom to inspire, inform and ignite leadership dedicated to wrestling with today’s stacked challenges. ”

In the episode, Gutiérrez reflects on her own career and work at The Leadership Academy, as well as the challenge of working in complex systems and the importance of true partnerships in service of an impactful and sustainable outcome. She also discusses The Leadership Academy’s theory of action, highlighting the shift from centering the school principal as a change agent to a more systemic and multi-level approach to creating culturally responsive schools and districts.

“We know that the individual leader is the lever for change, but we now also know the importance of leveraging the work across multiple levels of the system to align roles and teams, through multiple entry points to support the specific contexts of schools and districts, and over multiple years to reflect its depth and complexity,” said Gutiérrez.

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