Congratulations to The Leadership Academy’s own National Designer & Facilitator Dr. Kendra Washington-Bass on the publication of Unwrapped: The Pursuit of Justice for Women Educators, her captivating new book coauthored with Lucy Leadership Project cofounder Kelly Peaks Horner.

Unwrapped: The Pursuit of Justice for Women Educators explores the question of why women remain significantly underrepresented in leadership roles despite being the majority in the educational industry, a disparity that is even more pronounced for women of color. While women comprise over 80% of teachers, less than 33% hold influential positions like executive directors and school superintendents. These figures are particularly disheartening for women of color, with only 5% of Black women securing leadership positions.

Unwrapped chronicles Washington-Bass’s and Kelly Peaks Horner’s personal and professional journeys, uncovering how societal conditioning perpetuates these inequalities and prompting readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Ultimately, their aim is to create an inclusive space for women educational leaders to cultivate positive and enriching educational experiences that ensure equitable access for all students, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds.

“This writing of the book was a way for Kelly and I to begin our healing journey. To truly make a difference and shape the narrative, we must begin with telling our stories and healing ourselves. We must peel back the layers of anger, misogyny, societal norms, stereotypes, sexism, gendered racism, and the collective and self-imposed shaming that have hindered our growth and thriving.”

Kendra and Kelly hope that their powerful stories and experiences inspire deep reflection and motivate readers to take action in dismantling the barriers that stifle our leadership potential. They emphasize the importance of overcoming self-diminishing actions and nurturing a supportive environment where women can thrive together.

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