Some of the top minds in education leadership and equity are lending their expertise and voice to the NYC Leadership Academy’s efforts to continuously learn from and improve its work developing school and school system leaders to identify and dismantle inequities.  

The new NYC Leadership Academy Expert Advisory Council includes  

  • Linda Darling-Hammond, President of the California State Board of Education; Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education Emeritus at Stanford University; and founding president of the Learning Policy Institute 
  • Meredith Honig,Professor of Education Policy, Organizations, & Leadership at the University of Washington, where she is also Director of the District Leadership Design Lab 
  • Deborah Jewell-Sherman, Gregory R. Anrig Professor of Practice in Educational Leadership, Harvard Graduate School of Education 
  • John Jong-Hyun Kim, Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School; CEO, District Management Group 
  • Ellen Moir, Founder, New Teacher Center 
  • Habeeb Quadri, Superintendent and Principal, Muslim Community Center Academy, 2019 NAESP National Distinguished Principal, Founder of High Quality Education Consulting 
  • Roberto Rodriguez, President and CEO, Teach Plus 

“As one of the few Latinx leaders in the non-profit space, I know the power in mentorship and support,” NYC Leadership Academy President & CEO Nancy Gutierrez said. “I am especially committed to having the most inspiring and diverse group of leaders as advisors to help push our organization forward. I am humbled that such esteemed leaders in education leadership and equity see the value in our work and are willing to invest their time in our continued growth and innovation.”  

Said Habeeb Quadri, “I’m honored to be part of the NYC Leadership Academy, one of the premier nonprofit educational organizations. Nancy and the Leadership Academy are inspiring educators and students throughout the nation with new initiatives and innovations.” 

Members of the advisory council will offer advice and guidance as the NYC Leadership Academy refines its services and resources and expands its reach. The Leadership Academy’s mission is to build the capacity of educational leaders, at every level of the system, to confront inequities and create the conditions necessary for all students to thrive. Since 2003, the national nonprofit organization has supported and developed 6,000 school and school system leaders who reach 5.5 million students in 190 school systems across 36 states.   

NYC Leadership Academy creates new equity-focused leadership roles 

To ensure a high quality, equity-centered approach to adult learning both internally and with the school and school system leaders we support, the NYC Leadership Academy has developed two new leadership roles.  

Chief Access & Equity Officer 

The Chief Access & Equity Officer is responsible for fine-tuning our equity-focused work in the field, as well as leading our internal growth as an equitable organization. Appointed to this role, Dr. Mary Rice-Boothe, who has held several leadership positions since joining the NYC Leadership Academy in 2015, will continue partnering with districts around implementing their equity plans and strategies. She will also oversee the integration of equity into the NYC Leadership Academy’s curriculum development process; the implementation and development of a comprehensive professional development plan for all NYC Leadership Academy staff; and the effort to continuously update all program standards and tools to ensure coherence.   

Executive Vice President of Client Services & Programs 

To partner with Dr. Rice-Boothe in this work, Dr. Michele Shannon was promoted to Executive Vice President of Client Services, overseeing all work with our partners in the field. Dr. Shannon is currently leading our inaugural cohort of Aspiring Superintendents for MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Dr. Shannon previously oversaw all district leadership work for the NYC Leadership Academy, building on her experience as the Chief of Schools for Boston Public Schools.   

Both Dr. Rice-Boothe and Dr. Shannon are graduates of the NYC Leadership Academy’s Aspiring Principals Program.     

About the NYC Leadership Academy 

NYC Leadership Academy is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that builds the capacity of educational leaders, at every level of the system, to confront inequities and create the conditions necessary for all students to thrive. Since 2003, NYCLA has worked with educators in 190 school districts, state education departments, and education organizations across 36 states, Washington, D.C., and internationally.

Contact: Jill Grossman; 347-558-6464