Congratulations to The Leadership Academy’s Executive Director of Curriculum Development & Equity Dr. Mary Rice-Boothe on the release of her groundbreaking new book, Leading Within Systems of Inequity in Education: A Liberation Guide for Leaders of Color.

In this newly-published guide, Dr. Rice-Boothe explores what leaders of color need to succeed in the systems that have often marginalized the populations they represent. With first-hand insights from equity officers and principals, as well as guidance, takeaways, reflection questions, and resources, this timely book will help leaders of color to succeed within white spaces while working to dismantle those spaces for a new system where they – and students – thrive.

“The book shares my experiences as a Black female leader in education in collaboration with the stories of other equity officers across the country integrated with lessons from historical figures in the past century,” said Dr. Rice-Boothe. “My hope is that our collective stories will inspire and encourage other leaders of color on how to lead within and dismantle institutions not built for us.”

“Mary Rice-Boothe courageously elevates the intersections of her own identity to help us understand the weight and responsibility placed on the role of the equity officer—a role predominantly held by leaders of color within a racist system of schools,” said The Leadership Academy Lead Education Officer and President Nancy Gutiérrez.

“This timely volume shines with the compelling voices and stories of educators of color leading our educational systems toward equity,” said Ann M. Ishimaru, Associate Professor at University of Washington and author of Just Schools: Building Equitable Collaborations with Families & Communities. “Artfully situated in multiracial educational histories and contemporary challenges, Leading Within Systems of Inequity in Education offers critical advice and insights for those working to dismantle racist systems and advance justice for the children in our schools.”

You can learn more about and purchase Leading Within Systems of Inequity in Education: A Liberation Guide for Leaders of Color at this link on

Read more about Dr. Rice-Boothe’s in-person book launch event in this feature in Harlem Community News, where numerous TLA team members were in attendance: