The Leadership Academy is proud to partner with The University of Washington College of Education District Leadership Design Lab (DL2) in DL2’s new Central Office Transformation for Equity Network (Central Office TEN), an innovative approach to advancing educational equity within school district central offices.

Over two academic years, district teams will convene online and onsite to learn while doing — deepening their understanding of central office transformation as they design and implement their own approaches and support each other’s efforts. The Central Office TEN will also produce resources for the field, including research-based tools for advancing central office transformation for equity, leaders to serve as learning partners for other districts and new scholarship about how central offices can be engines of educational equity.

“The Leadership Academy will support participating district leaders in taking an anti-racist and culturally responsive approach to their leadership of central office transformation for equity,” said director of DL2 and professor of Educational Policy, Organizations and Leadership Meredith Honig.

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