“Taking Charge of Principal Support: An In-Depth Look at the NYC Leadership Academy’s Approach to Coaching Principals” was funded by The Wallace Foundation and provides insight into our coaching model, including lessons learned over more than a decade of coaching educational leaders.

The coaching guide and accompanying resources include:

  • An in-depth look at our program design, coach development and program evaluation
  • A framework for districts to assess existing leadership supports
  • A discussion of coaching aligned to leadership standards, what we mean by facilitative and competency-based, and our research-based beliefs about adult learning
  • A description of our “coaching toolkit” which includes several strategies that coaches use to help principals improve their leadership practice
  • Several spotlights entitled “Inside a Coaching Session” that show what coaching truly looks like in real life
  • Client profiles that highlight the ways in which our clients have set up coaching programs that work for their contexts


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