School-based residencies are an essential component of principal preparation programs and the future success of aspiring principals. Residencies engage participants in hands-on, job-embedded experiences that ensure that they learn, practice and reflect on the skills needed to step into the role of principal.

The NYC Leadership Academy, in partnership with the American Institutes for Research (AIR), has developed “Ready to Lead: Designing Residencies for Better Principal Preparation” to share insights into the qualities of well-designed residency programs. This publication, which is intended for policymakers, school districts, and preparation programs seeking to build and sustain high-quality residencies:

  • Introduces the Essential Elements for Principal Residencies, which inform effective residency design;
  • Synthesizes research evidence on principal residency, a necessary step for supporting new programs under the Every Student Suceeds Act (ESSA);
  • Gives examples of well-designed residency programs drawn from across the United States;
  • Supports conversation and planning among K-12 educators, university faculty and staff, non-profit organizations, and communities that will help these stakeholders develop or advance effective and sustainable residency programs within their region’s educational leadership pipeline.

With funding from George W. Bush Institute and The Wallace Foundation, Ready to Lead: Designing Residencies for Better Principal Preparation reflects input from 16 innovative principal preparation programs across the United States that have developed successful residency programs over the past 20 years.

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