The Leadership Academy has released its Accomplishments Report 2020, telling the stories of how we partnered with school and school system leaders across the county over the last year to support their efforts to become more culturally responsive leaders and develop culturally responsive schools.

In 2020, The Leadership Academy supported 2,080 leaders in 92 school systems across 20 states, reaching 3 million students. To extend our reach beyond the leaders we directly supported, we also published detailed tools and resources, and shared our learnings and research at conferences, webinars, and through articles, op-eds, and a public television documentary.  We also lay out in our report the vision and goals outlined in our 5-year strategic plan.

“We are forging a way of developing culturally responsive leaders by practicing what we preach, and offering professional learning experiences aligned to the core tenants that will shape our strategic direction for the next five years,” writes The Leadership Academy President & CEO Nancy B. Gutiérrez. “As we go into a new year replete with challenges, our values remain strong and steady.”

Read the full Accomplishments Report 2020.