For the many leaders who’ve explicitly embraced the goal of making public schooling more equitable, the challenge now is to put their beliefs into action,” write The Leadership Academy CEO Nancy Gutiérrez and Nellie Mae Vice President Gislaine Ngounou in their latest Kappan article, Toward racial equity in public schooling: Less talk, more action.” Gutiérrez and Ngounou outline the principles they have found are essential for leaders to put into practice what they’ve learned in professional learning on race and equity, their ABCD’s of taking actionAwareness, Bravery, Community voice, and shared Decision making.

Gutiérrez and Ngounou also shared some of these insights while participating in the webinar sequel to PDK’s “Bridging the Divide” event. Joined by Travis Lape of Educators Rising South Dakota and Dr. Joshua P. Starr of PDK, they explored techniques educators feeling the stress of competing political views can use to work across divides.